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Mexico Passes Shark Finning Ban, new protections for Great White, Whale and Basking Sharks, Manta Rays.
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White Shark tracked to
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Tag recorded movements for
90 days.
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The Guadalupe Island Conservation Fund

The Guadalupe Island Conservation Fund was established in early 2006 by the International Community Foundation (ICF) in close collaboration with members of the scuba diving and eco-community to support and raise money to help the Government of Mexico protect the endangered shark population of Isla Guadalupe and to channel money from growing white shark tourism into local conservation-related projects on the island. This fund is managed as an advised fund at the International Community Foundation, a registered 501c3 not-for profit-organization which is dedicated to expanding charitable giving internationally with an emphasis in environment and conservation grant making in Northwest Mexico.

The Need

Isla Guadalupe is one of Mexico's newly created Biosphere Reserves. Its remote location and lack of basic infrastructure makes enforcement and protection of its unique and endemic wildlife species a real challenge. Your donations will go a long way toward the creation of a world class Biosphere dedicated to shark science and protection. The need to protect the waters of Isla Guadalupe is urgent.

Over the last few decades, white shark populations worldwide have been vanishing; estimates range between a 70-90% decline of its global population size. Though they are protected in Australia, the US, and South Africa, the Isla Guadalupe population is in Mexican waters. Great whites are listed as endangered in Mexico; however there are no resources to dispatch park rangers in small enforcement vessels to protect them. Their territory unfortunately intersects with large commercial fishing fleets, putting them in great jeopardy. They are also targeted by sport fishermen and commercially for their fins, teeth, and jaws. Their large size, slow reproductive rate, and decreasing population makes them highly vulnerable to over fishing.

You can help. Not only are you protecting a majestic and important species, you’re protecting other inhabitants of the region as well, and your generous donation is tax deductible. Additionally, donations at select levels will have the opportunity to take advantage of several gifts, ranging from DVDs, to bottles of Shark Trust Wines, to free trips to the island. We want our most generous donors to see these incredible animals in order to fully appreciate that they are contributing to the long-term protection of white sharks.

The Guadalupe Island Conservation Fund is actively supported by a concerned group of dive operators and their clients who make Isla Guadalupe their seasonal home. The fund is open to everyone and we are also looking for serious partnerships within the dive community and beyond.

The owner operators of the MV Nautilus Explorer, MV Islander, MV Horizon and MV Ocean Odyssey along with and are working to make this fund an ongoing reality.

Tax deductible donations even as small as $10.00 will go a long way toward protecting this incredible eco-resource! The funds will be used to assist the park staff and park rangers to protect the area as well as to conduct important research that will help us better understand the majestic and mysterious white sharks and other native species of Isla Guadalupe.

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White Shark Research

Donations will help fund valuable white shark research efforts at Isla Guadalupe. Since 2000, privately funded efforts have supported the collection of critical white shark data.


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